ZIKAlliance will host a scientific congress on Zika virus at the Faculty of Medicine La Timone in Marseille - France, on the 4-6th June 2018, in collaboration with ZikaPLAN, ZIKAction, ZIKAVAX and the European Society for Virology

The event will cover all forms of scientific research on Zika: from basic to clinical research, epidemiology, environmental studies and social sciences. The congress will provide both an overview of the current status of Zika research and an opportunity to present the latest results from research conducted by the EU funded Zika consortia


Registration fees

Registration (all attendees for the symposium and for the dinner are requested to register)

ZIKAlliance & ZIKAVAX members: prepaid by projects coordination

Non ZIKAlliance & ZIKAVAX members: 180 € per person (incl. taxes)


Dinner on Monday June 4th, 2018

ZIKAlliance & ZIKAVAX members: prepaid by projects coordination

Non ZIKAlliance & ZIKAVAX members: 38 € per person (incl. taxes)


Each registered dinner attendee may be accompanied by one guest at a cost of 38 € per guest (incl. taxes) - please add your guest for the dinner while registering


Deadline for registrations has been postponed to Friday April 27th, 2018


Oral presentations and posters

Abstracts for oral presentations and posters shall be submitted on this platform after registration:

tab 'My space / Submissions / My submissions'


Deadline for abstracts submission has been postponed to Friday April 27th, 2018

Posters should be in A0 format (width: 84 cm - height: 118 cm).


This event is organised by the EU funded Zika project ZIKAlliance, in collaboration with the three EU funded Zika projects ZikaPLAN, ZIKAction and ZIKAVAX

Event supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under

ZIKAlliance Grant Agreement no. 734548 - ZikaPLAN Grant Agreement no. 734584

ZIKAction Grant Agreement no. 734857 - ZIKAVAX Grant Agreement no. 732432

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